DJ Dan-ce Entertainment Adds MC Services To Their Party Services

There is a big difference between a DJ and an MC. Although most people are very familiar with a DJ, which is responsible for all the music at the event and keeping the party going, an MC has a totally different roll altogether.


We here at DJ Dan-ce Entertainment, with our over 10 years or event entertainment services have added the MC services to go along with the rest of our service.

So, what is an MC service?

The MC service is short for the Master of Ceremonies. It is the job of the MC to host the party and lead the crowd into every part of your ceremony. They engage with the crowd. They help dictate the flow of the reception and make all of the big announcements through out the night.

The bigger the event, the more important the roll of an MC is needed to make sure an event flows flawlessly into one part of the party to the next. They help keep our guest to keep engaged. A talented and fun MC (which is what we always have!) will make an event extra special. They will have the crowd laughing and make sure that everyone has the best time possible.


They are a very vital part of large events and it’s why we have added an MC service here in Bakersfield to our large list of services.

If you are having a smaller gathering, our DJ will be happy to make some of those announcements . However, for some of those larger events where our DJ will have his hands full providing the best music to keep the party jumping, then we highly recommend adding our professional MC services to your event.

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