We Offer Pin Spot Lighting To Events In Bakersfield

Being a top rated DJ here in Bakersfield has only led to offer more and more service for our clients and event planners. Seeing that we have been in the event entertainment industry for a decade now, we have come across different needs and services that you many event planners often over look.

One of those things that is often overlooked is pin spot lighting for an event.

So, what is pin spot lighting you might be asking?

Very simply explained, it is a very narrow light that is pointing down at a item to showcase it. We offer a large array of these light that can really light up certain items and showcase them in a dark room.

We’ll all know you go all out for the wedding cake right? Why not spot light it where its placed to really have it stand out.

What about pin spot lighting every single table top in a dark room and having all of the beautiful decor “pop” and make it look incredible?

All of these things can be done with pin spot lighting. Give us a call and we can discuss some options and ideas with you for your big event.