Our Bakersfield Photo Booths Capture UNFORGETTABLE Memories


Nothing captures the fun your guest will have better than having one of our stat-of-the art photo booths at your event.

It brings out the laughter and smiles out of every single guest that uses them!

If you’re looking to book a photo booth here in Bakersfield or the surrounding area, DJ Dan-ce has two unique photo booths for you to choose from.

We offer our open air photo booth

IMG_4286 2.JPG

Our open-air booth is a modern take on the traditional photo booth. It’s a stand-alone photo camera that allows for a much larger crowd to gather around and take pictures together as a large group.

Add our beautiful backdrops that will fit the theme of just about any event and you will have your yourself a huge party hit at your event.

The camera takes stunning quality pics and prints photo strips in any variety that you can think of. We can customize the strips with the name and date of the event. We can customize to print out 3 or 4 pics and even as 2X6 strips or lager 4X6 strips. These are great for your guest to take back home with them as a memory of your event.

We Offer The Magic Mirror Booth


Now, this photo booth is the latest and greatest thing in photo booths in the Bakersfield area. This photo booth is the most interactive and advanced photo booth on the market.

Your guest will have a blast interacting with this Magic Mirror Booth. The entire thing is touch controlled and incredibly easy for guests, both young and old, to interact with it.


When your guests approach it they can see their reflection which encourages them to laugh, smile, make silly faces, and do just about anything the want. In fact, this mirror even helps guest interact with it by providing ques and suggestions as the camera flashes away!

We can customize the number of pics it snaps per session and print out strips in whatever quantities you’d like too.

If your are looking for the best photo booth rental in Bakersfield than you have come to the right place. Whether you need a photo booth for a small event or huge one, our photo booths are always the life of the party. Book one of these today to go along with the rest of our party services or just as a stand alone service, we are happy to provide them for both.

Every one of our photo booth rentals includes unlimited prints, social media upload, and a personal album. With a wide variety of props, your guests will go home raving about your event’s photo booth.

Give us a call today at 661-709-7853 and reserve yours today!