We here at DJ Dan'ce Entertainment have thought about just about every service you can think of for your big day. Providing only the best DJ service here in Bakersfield we also offer additional services to make us your one-stop shop for your events entertainment. We understand that you have a lot of things to get ready, organize, and tend to during all of the preparations that having to only deal with one vendor for the entertainment takes a great deal of the stress away.

As an added service we also offer monogram lighting for events here in Bakersfield. If you are not aware of what monogram lighting is, it is a popular lighting effect that is widely used at big events.

It can display a logo, shapes, and text in a beautiful array of lighting. We use the most advanced monogram system that can be completely customizable to fit the theme of just about any event. You'll be amazed at some of the designs that we can make and how we can project the image onto any surface or wall.

Add a little extra special monogram lighting to a wall and see your guest light up with the effects! Set a specially designed monogram lighting on the dance floor as the bride and groom take their first dance together as husband and wife.

This lighting adds a little extra artistry to an event. These lighting effects are created using a specialized projector kinda like wall projectors in a child's room only a lot more sophisticated. It is a disc that contains the actual design. We can customize the disc that contains the design to fit anything you would like projected.

Our monogram lights have been used to project the couples names, date of the wedding, and a unique design onto walls and dance floors.

If you have any questions on our monogram lighting services feel free to give us a call at 661-709-7853. We will be happy to answer any questions that you have. We just want to tell you that monogram lighting is a wonderful way to personalize your big event.