Bakersfield Video Projection for Weddings & Events

There is no better way to tell your story to your guest than with a charming video projection on a lovely backdrop. If you’re looking to add video projection services to your big event than DJ Dan’ce Entertainment has got you covered.

Our video projector will add an extra layer of excitement to your reception. With our projector service, we can display the story of how the two of you met and fell in love. We can play a montage of photos and video clips to the perfect music to add something special to a reception.

For example, with a projector, we can add extra amazing montages to play along in the background of a mother and groom dance. We can set up old pictures of the groom as a little boy and mom always being there for him.

We can do the same for a father and brides dance. We can display a lovely montage of the relationship, that once little girl, had with father throughout her years growing up. Just the images alone are enough to fill the room with weeping eyes!

We have also used our projector at other events like corporate events and even graduations.

If you’ve thought about including a projector at your event and want to learn more about it and if it would be the right fit for you feel free to call us today!